SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018

Rules of participation

Choice of a sailboat
as well as the itinerary of voyage, is a personal choice of each trainee. Sailboats differ in size, type of rig, flag, comfort and crew size.
Must Have
The sea weather is very variable - from the scorching sun to storms - and it can rapidly change over a period of several hours. It is recommended to take two assemblies of warm, waterproof clothing, comfortable sports shoes, and rubber soles shoes with a back. Headgear should provide protection from the sun, rain and wind, depending on the weather conditions.
Arrival to the ship
After registering for the vessel, a trainee receives further instructions on the internal routine and gets acquainted with the vessel. It is mandatory to pass an introductory safety briefing. If you intend to take an active part in the ship's activities, you must notify about that and choose a convenient watch.
Stay on the board
Trainees are located in crew's quarters. The number of seats in the crew's quarters is different on every ship - from 2 to 12. Meals are served in the ship's dining room according to the schedule. A shower and toilet are shared. The supply of fresh water on board is limited, therefore it is recommended to economize fresh water. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas on the upper deck. It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage into the sea. During the whole voyage, a ship's doctor works as a crew member, whose services can be used in emergency cases.
During the whole voyage, it is necessary to observe the safety precautions, in accordance with the instructions given. It is strictly forbidden to climb the masts without permission and without a special safety belt. In case of sailing rush hours, emergencies, boat alarm or fire alarm, a trainee must act according to his/her staff schedule.
Participation in the program of the regatta
In the ports of the regatta's moorage, trainees can take part in all the events provided for by the regatta program: sports competitions between sailing crews, parade of crews, excursions, music concerts, parties of teams - "СREW-party".
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