SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018


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Class: A
Rig: Full Rigged Ship
Length: 109 m
Year build: 1988
Home port: Vladivostok
Captain: Sergey Tolonikov
Country / flag: Russia
A three-masted sailboat was built in 1989 in Poland at the Stocznia Gdanska shipyard. In July 1989, the State Flag of the USSR was run up on Pallada training sailboat. Pallada training sailboat was transferred to the operational management of Dalrybvtuz in 1997. The sailboat was named in honor of the military frigate "Pallada", which carried out a diplomatic mission voyage from Kronstadt to the shores of Japan under the command of Captain I.S. Unkovsky and Vice-Admiral E.V. Putyatin in 1852 - 1855. The sailboat is submitted to the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest sailboat in the world. During the around-the-world voyage of 2007-2008, a new world speed record - 18.8 knots - was set up. During that voyage, 34,956 nautical miles were travelled along three oceans and twenty-three seas; the ship visited four continents, visited twenty ports in nineteen countries and crossed the equator twice. The longest staying of the ship in the sea was in 1997 - 311 days! For all the time, over 13,000 cadets, students and shipboys of marine and fishery educational institutions have been trained on it. Every year, the sailboat makes 4 voyages; the geography of its visits is extensive. Pallada won worldwide recognition by participating in international regattas and sailing festivals by having visited 107 ports in 37 countries throughout its existence.