SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018


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Class: A
Rig: Ship
Length: 109 m
Year built: 1991
Home port: Vladivostok
Captain: Sergey Vorobyov
Country / flag: Russia
Three-masted sailboat was built in 1991 in Poland at the shipyard "Stocznia Gdanska". In June 1992, the National Flag of the Russian Federation was hoisted on the training sailboat "Nadezhda". The sailboat was named after the legendary frigate, on board of which Russian sailors under the command of Ivan Kruzenshtern made a round-the-world trek for the first time in the history of the Russian fleet 200 years ago.

Annually, more than 450 young people undergo sea practice under the sails of a frigate. During its 26-year history, the sailing boat carried out many diplomatic campaigns, visited more than 25 countries around the world, having taken tens of thousands of guests of different nationalities on its board. In 2003-2004, "Nadezhda" carried out a round-the-world voyage, when the vessel crossed the equator four times and visited 30 ports. Within the framework of the Marine Floating University program, about 20 large-scale scientific research expeditions were carried out. The following should be noted among the most significant achievements in sailing races:

2002 - 1st place in the International Sailing Regatta, South Korea;

2003 - 4th place in the famous regatta "Kati Sark";

2014 - 1st place in "2014 SCF Black Sea Regatta of Great Sailboats";

2016 - 2nd place in "2016 SCF Black Sea Regatta of Great Sailboats".