SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018


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Class: A
Length: 51 m

Country / flag: Japan
A three-masted training sailboat was built at Sumitomo shipyard, Uraga Dock, Japan, for the purpose of sailing training. The keel laying was carried out in June 1992; six months later, the vessel was launched, and it was put into operation in March, 1993. The length of barkentine is 52.16 meters; the sails area is 783 sq.m. The sailboat belongs to the Government of Japan. Initially, the vessel was named "Akogare", which means "violent", the name was chosen by competitive vote, with the votes of more than 7,000 participants. In 1994, the ship started to implement state sailing training programs. The sailboat carried out its first voyage to Shanghai with 32 trainees on board. Besides the People's Republic of China, the sailboat visited the ports of Guam, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia in that voyage. In 1997, MIRAIE became the flagship of the SAIL OSAKA'97 festival, and in 2000, the ship moved from Boston to Amsterdam, taking part in the Tall Ships 2000 regatta. Every year, the sailboat carries out a large number of training voyages around the coast of Japan, as well as voyages in the Asia-Pacific Region and sailing to the shores of Europe and the Middle East.