SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018


Tilda Publishing
Class: А
Rig: Topsail Schooner 3
Year built: 1983
Length: 49 m
Country / flag: Republic of Korea
A four-masted schooner was built at the shipyard in the Netherlands in 1983. The length of the sailboat is 41 m, width is 6.8 m. In 1996, the sailboat changed the shipowner, and the flag of the Republic of Korea was raised on it. From the moment of commissioning to the present time, it has been used as a cruise ship, as well as it is used for training sailing for lovers of sailing regattas and marine adventures. 50 persons can be simultaneously accommodated on board the schooner. The advantage of the ship is its sailing armament. The schooner has much less running ropes than a ship with a square rig, its rigging is easier, which allows to significantly reduce the number of people in the team to manage it. All work with sails is carried out from the deck. The schooner sails very well at the side wind and at an acute angle. The interior of the clipper is elegantly decorated. Since 2000, KOREANA has been a regular participant in the sailing festivals of the Asia-Pacific Region countries. The vessel is a talisman of various yachting races held in the Republic of Korea.