SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018


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Class: A
Rig: Barque 4
Length: 110 m
Year of built: 1989
Country / flag: Japan
The four-masted frigate was built in 1989 and took up a torch from her predecessor with the exact same name. This is an exact copy of Кaiwo Maru vessel, originally built in 1930 at Kawasaki shipyard in Kobe to be operated as a training vessel of the Marine Technologies College of Toyama prefecture. In April 1990, the original vessel was decommissioned; she became a museum ship with a training center for rigging operation.

Кaiwo Maru, a modern barque, continued a glorious history of her predecessor's voyages.

The vessel can simultaneously board 108 midshipmen and 22 trainees to seamanship. Permanent crew consists of 58 people. The ship does to two deep-sea training voyages per year and, between long cruises, performs coastal navigation near the Japanese Archipelago. She scored voyages to the shores of Canada, USA and New Zealand. The most frequent routes of the vessel lay from Japan to Hawaii Islands. The barque has thrice won the most prestigious award, Boston Tea Party Cup, annually awarded to the training ship that covered the longest distance in 5 days. In 2011, Кaiwo Maru was stationed near the Fukushima coast and served as a floating accommodation for workers tackling the consequences of a disastrous tsunami and the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. This year, the vessel went to a voyage to the shores of Russia and entered Vladivostok port.