SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018


Tilda Publishing
Class: B
Rig: Topsail Schooner 2
Year built: 1990
Length: 19 m
Country / flag: Japan
A two-masted schooner was built in 1990 with the aim of training young people in sailing. Since the time of construction, the ship changed its name several times; the last one - Ami - was given in 2006. The length of the sailboat is 16.4 m, and the width is 3.9 m. The height of the mainmast reaches 14 m. The average speed of the ship is 7 knots; the speed under sail can be increased to 4 - 10 knots, depending on the weather conditions and the crew integration. The schooner is used for cruise voyages along various routes along the coasts of the Japanese islands. The sailboat voyages are meant both for one-day tours, and for long stay in the sea - up to one month and a half. The vessel can accommodate up to 20 people at the same time. 3 persons are enough for dealing with the sailing equipment of a schooner of this class. The team is made up of lovers of sailing and sea adventures. During the voyage, all participants that are on the deck have the opportunity to learn how to work with the sailing rigging and to become a single team in the ship control. Ami actively takes part in various sailing, charity and fish festivals, which are held in the ports of Japan. The ship has experience in voyages on the East China Sea.